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Nicole Duncan, running for school trustee in SD61 is the only candidate that mentions technology, privacy and security in her platform. CIPP certified too. Will be getting my vote this Saturday.…

Really good episode of @sparkcbc from a few weeks ago on GAFE and privacy.… Glad they reached out to my colleague @bdolor for comments. He wrote a letter to the SD61 trustees on this very issue back in February… Retweeted by Brad

Nice one @bdolor (and a second workmate cited too from c2t2 days, Riaz, must be something in the water out here)… Retweeted by Brad

Parental consent, while legally sufficient, is an insufficient mechanism to protect the privacy of children and the confidentiality of student records…

How they make the magic happen huge props to the incredible developers @bdolor and Alex p at @BCcampus and the incredible work they do. Retweeted by Brad


A few of my favourite things: Agile software development with the potential for significant social impact combined with responsible and appropriate use of data, machine learning algorithms and systems that support research and evidence based decision making.

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