Web Development

I am currently the lead developer for the Open Textbook Project. My work focuses on open source software using PHP (LAMP) which supports post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. I freelance as well.

I contribute frequently to projects on Github. I gravitate towards exploiting API’s and I have a penchant for design patterns. I’ve been working in design and development since 2005.


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aptn.ca/news/2015/03/1… yeah, we're being completely paranoid about #C51 being misused against activists. Uh huh. Retweeted by Brad Payne

anybody in #yyj have teksaavy as an ISP? thoughts/feelings/reviews? DSL only avail in my area.

Today, I have enjoyed coding while listening to different people yell with melodic intonation against a backdrop of killer beats.

I like my appliances 'dumb' — it's the smarter choice. cnet.com/news/fridge-ca… #SmrtIsTheNewDumb

“No amount of violence can solve a math problem.” wired.com/2014/10/laura-… #cypherpunk Retweeted by Brad Payne

Edward Snowden is a fucking hero. Retweeted by Brad Payne

Still love Big Sugar. Wish I could say the same for AB youtube.com/watch?v=NPviM4…

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