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The thing I like most about my job is working on open source software.

The community that has developed around the project I’m spending most of my development time on is growing. It’s still just a small community but it’s a source pride and joy to be a part of. This feeling was highlighted yesterday when I had lunch with Jack Dougherty from Trinity College. He’s recently written a blog post about the meet up that, for me, articulates the cool connections that can happen as a result of working on an open source project. Very much looking forward to more.

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On the 15th and 29th of April, 2014 I presented, with Clint Lalonde, some of the modifications that I’ve made to PressBooks and PressBooks Textbook:

Before I talk about the specific modifications that I made to PressBooks I’m going to create some context around them. One of the key elements that was in place before I began working on these features was PressBooks being released as open source software. Read more »

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Since Redhat doesn’t provide an upgrade path from 5.x to 6.x, it requires creating a new instance and porting everything over.

Unlike how a sys admin might feel, configuring servers from scratch is not fun for me. But I accept server administration as a necessary set of skills; it is not my passion and I’d rather get back to writing code. Read more »