Web Development

I am currently the lead developer for the Open Textbook Project. My work focuses on open source software using PHP (LAMP) which supports post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. I freelance as well.

I contribute frequently to projects on Github. I gravitate towards exploiting API’s and I have a penchant for design patterns. I’ve been working in design and development since 2005.


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Latest Conservative ad could violate government's own anti-terror law ctvnews.ca/politics/lates… Retweeted by Brad Payne

Canadian government websites and emails crash after cyber-attack ow.ly/Os7cf pic.twitter.com/FsxmVgFHzr Retweeted by Brad Payne

Twitter Media

Let's Encrypt has announced its launch schedule: letsencrypt.org/2015/06/16/let… tl;dr: general availability in September #patronprivacy #libtech Retweeted by Brad Payne

Grim news. #C51 passed in the Senate about an hour ago. Next parliament I am committed to its repeal. #cdnpoli #GPC Retweeted by Brad Payne

"…therefore, the University of Guelph is taking steps to release the [OpenEd] official mark in its entirety." opened.uoguelph.ca/news.aspx Hooray! Retweeted by Brad Payne

The University of Guelph trademarking the term OpenEd is shameful. twitter.com/brlamb/status/… Retweeted by Brad Payne

Someone's trademarked OpenED (as in education); oddly, it's a public uni. UGuelph might be missing the point of open? clintlalonde.net/2015/06/01/on-… Retweeted by Brad Payne

Academia eats its own.Go see @tararobertson for real talk on the UGuelph trademarking of OpenEd. Also Clint’s post.clintlalonde.net/2015/06/01/on-… Retweeted by Brad Payne

University of Guelph trademarked "OpenEd" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? clintlalonde.net/2015/06/01/on-… Retweeted by Brad Payne

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