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On the 15th and 29th of April, 2014 I presented, with Clint Lalonde, some of the modifications that I’ve made to PressBooks and PressBooks Textbook:

Before I talk about the specific modifications that I made to PressBooks I’m going to create some context around them. One of the key elements that was in place before I began working on these features was PressBooks being released as open source software. Read more »

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Since Redhat doesn’t provide an upgrade path from 5.x to 6.x, it requires creating a new instance and porting everything over.

Unlike how a sys admin might feel, configuring servers from scratch is not fun for me. But I accept server administration as a necessary set of skills; it is not my passion and I’d rather get back to writing code. Read more »

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Trusting ‘the cloud’ with personal information doesn’t sit well with me either.

Impacts to privacy and the all-too-frequent reports of breaches [1][2][3]… with cloud services speak to exercising caution rather than embracing a big, (mostly) corporate target. In light of these and many other breaches and the likelihood of them not going away anytime soon, it feels compelling to want to solve the problem a different way. Read more »

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While I can’t say anything nice about LimeSurvey’s user interface, it does have a decent API.

When I was searching for open source survey software the API was what made the decision to go with it, easy. We needed to have the ability to pull the survey results out of LimeWire and have them display on another site. Read more »